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Laleham School 27.6.09

Dear Lee,


Please accept my deepest thanks which are extended to you Graham, Raj and all your team for the outstanding work you all do each week, teaching Shentie to many kids including my daughter Tia.


I am continually amazed at the fine balance you strike between deeply serious training and real fun.


The results speak for themselves. At the recent tournament the level of commitment from each participant was a joy to behold for every parent.


The fact that you have achieved this with 39 kids in a class, a number that would defeat most schools, makes the result even more incredible.


Long may you continue.

My  sons have now been attending Shentie classes for about 12 months now, what stands out for me as a parent about this club is not only are the trainers excellent in their dedication, coaching and expertise but they make it fun for the children and through the training sessions the coaches try to subtling instill good core values into the children which are common to all people irrespective of their culture, colour or creed, they touch on topics such as bullying, respect for oneself and others.  Equally the coaches are great with the parents, no question is viewed as a stupid one and they make the time to stop and speak with parents after each session.  The club really does have a genuine extended family feel to it with the coaches, amazingly knowing most if not all the kids by their first names despite the vast number of kids who attend the academy.  Lee, the lead trainer deserves special praise, despite his achievements in his discipline he carries himself with humility which is engaging and he serves as a good role model for all the children.  If you wish for your child not only to get fit, learn a lifeskill of self defence, and have fun at the same time; whilst picking up good values along the way; then I would strongly recommend this club.

Parent Testimonial - Dr Raiomond Mirza

Parent Testimonial -  I Khan

Since my son has been attending Shentie Martial Arts we have seen a marked improvement in his attitude and school work.  My son has had a few problems at school and at the end of term talk with his form teacher she said that his focus and concentration had significantly got better resulting in better grades and she agreed that the disciplines that he had been learning at Shentie had obviously contributed to this improvement.  


I would like to thank all the Instructors for their time and care and treating each child with their own individual needs. Thank you.

Parent Testimonial -  M Edwards


Parent Testimonial -   Mrs Katsiaryna Cheref

I would like to send my comments regarding my daughter's class at London W2.  I would like to thank the instructors for their hard work and right approach. I noticed big behavioral changes in my daughter Aya, who has ADHD , since she started to attend your classes. Her concentration span has impressively increased , her self-discipline, emotional control (still a lot of work) and self-esteem is improving. I believe that martial arts classes are very benefitial for children with mentioned above difficulties. Thank you so much.    

Parent Testimonial -  Helen Cooper


My son Bobby joined Shentie in April this year as a very shy and quite boy lacking confidence in large group activities and was very reluctant to participate, since then we have watched Bobby week by week enjoy the classes and grow in confidence. In this short time Bobby has already achieved various merit badges and is looking forward and very keen to go through his first grading in October, and for this I would like to say a Very Big thank you to all the instructors at Staines and Heston who week by week are continuously helping Bobby and all the other students develop their Martial Arts and more importantly have fun !!

Youth Worker -  A Smith

As a youth worker, I have been working with Shentie Martial Arts Club in order to help a young person access some positive activities in his spare time.  I have found all the staff from Shentie that I have been in contact with extremely helpful and professional and the young person has enjoyed the classes immensely.  Shentie Club and the staff have given a young person who has had some difficulties an amazingly generous helping hand.  Thank you!

The Shentie Martial Arts club did a truly impressive job in delivering taster sessions at one of our Community Games.


A Community Games is a multisport competition which aims to build bridges between local schools, sports providers and businesses in order to increase participation in sports and add value to the community.


From the levels of excitement generated and the number of smiles witnessed throughout their taster sessions, Shentie Martial Arts Club were definitely a huge success at these Community Games!


Lee Adam, head coach of the Shentie Martial Arts club, interacted brilliantly with the children and made sure all 200 children had a fantastic time throughout the day.

We would welcome Lee and his club at future Community Games without hesitation!


Eva Kellar - Event Organiser

Parent Testimonial -  Kally Steele


We are very proud of our son. He had to do a presentation about a hobbie at 8th Ashford cubs to his lodge. he picked shentie and is his own words described what shentie was and how it worked. For an outgoing boy that does not like to speak up in public this was very brave of him ( in his words ).....Shentie is helping him build self confidence.


Student - J Sidhu


I'm in mauritius at the moment doing my medical elective, I have passed my final exams and will be starting work as a doctor at West Middlesex in July. I am just writing to you to say thank you. I think people often forget those that have helped them along the way or at least forget to thank them. You have had a huge influence in my life Lee since a young age, you taught me about respect, working hard and always aiming to push yourself to be the best. Your influence has helped shape that 14 year old fat kid to what I am today. I also remember the reference you wrote me when i applied to med school, that was probably  the thing the got me in.



Lee you impact the lives of many through your classes, and you may not realise it but people do look up to you as a role model. You are an excellent role model to have, and i'm sure you have helped many on their life path. I just want to say thank you, and even if I don' see you for a long time, i have not forgotten.