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Dear Lee and Raj


thank you for helping me through my gradings and training. Thanks for keeping me intrested after I was contemplaiting on leaving martial arts at the start of the year. That was until I found Shentie Mixed Martial Arts. Shentie has made me feel much more confident.


Lots of thanks  Amrhik Sahota

Yellowa Pinka



Hi, This is Hana and Humaira (brown belt)

We would like to thank the instructors for encouraging us to go further with the belts and like you say  Thank you,  Thanks again!   BYE!!!!    

Hana (10) and Humaira (11)


Congratulations to Aaryan Phian being presented with his runner up to 'Jnr Student of the Year Award'

Madia Vale grading

Yellow, Orange, Red and Green,

I've won these belts as I was keen.

Purple was next, followed by blue,

To earn these belts I had to pursue.

Brown was the last belt I had won

Being so young, my instructor had said "Well done"

Now I am going for my brown and white,

Training was needed and so I was ready to fight.

I am going to keep trying and keep coming back

Until I get the one and only 'BLACK'.


 Vinay Pabari


I have learnt to do at kick boxing


Axe kick          Half step fore fist strike

Front kick               Reverse punch

Back kick                 Upper cut

Side Kick                 Left punch

Roundhouse  Kick    Right punch


I think kick boxing is good for your muscles, good exercise and good fun.    Harvey Thompson age 10



I would like to thank all of the instructors for helping me boost my confidence and for all the time they used up for teaching Martial Arts and helping get the rough patches in my life. I have made a lot of friends and Martial Arts and I just want to say thank-you. Hareeka  - Age 14

Harry Thailand harry and thai

Harry testing his Shentie skills in Thailand with a champion Thai boxer at the famous Fairtex gym


The  City of Westminster has awarded Shentie the


'Active Westminster Mark'


for commitment to providing a quality sports and leisure service.

Please click here


Id like to say a MASSIVE thank you to ALL the instructors for helping me get this far as I am now a Junior Black Belt!! Its all thanks to you that I am where I am today, without your encouragement I didn't think I would get this far. As you said, my journey has only just begun... It will be the most joyful and longest journey I will ever take.

Thank you :) xxHumaira x..

Yellowa web baby


Bobby was the first student to guess that the

little person in the Kung Fu t-shirt was our Master Lee aged 3 years old.


Bobby received one of our draw string Shentie bags.



Well Done Bobby Cooper


Shentie student Samuel Scott saw this picture in a magazine and was surprised to see that even bears do their Shentie exercises

Well done to Hannah Smith who completed a 6 mile charity walk round

Finsbury Park for Dog Trust

All instructors,  I just wanted to pass on to all you that have taught me at some stage since I started at age 4. In the beginning it was just Lee, Dilip and Daniel as instructors and now we have so many experienced instructors with many different styles. You don't have such variety and experience that often. I have learnt so much, achieved so much and yes there were some not so good days and with thanks to you I got up and tried again.


To all those that are just starting or have been students a whilst now...keep going and do not give up.from Kalan [age 12

kalan br belt

Kalan Malhotra proudly receiving his Jnr. Black belt & certificate.  Well done Kalan


Black belt web chinatown (6)

    Congratulations to Humaira Chuhan receiving her Jnr Black Belt Certificate


Some of the students from our Maida Vale, London class showing off their belts and certificates

Reuben Sanger receiving his Jnr Black Belt from Master Lee

Sanger Halloween

Some of our students got a shock to find when arriving at class that the Grim Reaper, Dracula and their friend were taking the class (aka our Instructors Darryl, Jez and Justine)

101_3406 101_3393 James Parker

Shentie helped the delivery of a large number of stethoscopes to a children’s hospital in Africa

cage fight 1

Some of the Instructors brushing up on their MMA  skills in the cage


Thank you from

 Harry Singh Steele


Harry would Like to thank all the instructors for helping him become more confident with Shentie, especially Raj and Lee. He worked so hard for his grading and he also gave alot of support to help his mum with her Grading. We are very proud of him.

Frankie Murphy in China Town celebrating Chinese New Year

A proud James Parker and Grand Master J R Dutton(10th Duan)

Jushen Sanger receiving his Jnr Black Belt from Master Lee

Jushen Sanger Bobby Cooper Tournament

Proud Bobby Cooper being presented with the 'Best Fighter ' of the Tournament award

Izaak & Snakes

Izaak Yeoman celebrating his 6th birthday with a rather slippery character

Iéna Marais Fee

sahib 30june13

Sahib Mhajan completed the race for life UK cancer run 5Km , 1 hour 4 mins and 22 seconds  at Richmond park.


Oscar Weightman won the European tennis championship representing the UK.


He has also won a full tennis scholarship to Reeds school this September.




Harry Singh Steele, Junior Black Belt and Master Lee

student of the year1 web


CONGRATULATIONS to one of our students, Piers Cramp.


He became British kata champion at WMO competition in Rugby. Aged just 12 years old, this is an amazing achievement and we are incredibly proud of him. He is testament that hard work pays off!!  

Hannah and Piers gym

Congratulations to Anaya Thohan on getting her second badge and certificate in Gymnastics!

Sunbury kids Tanya Webster & Mascot tanya & freinds

Tanya Dempster and her school mascot training with all her friends at the Sunbury Friday class

Hannah Mercer did a sponsored Katathon last year and raised £600 from Shentie students and parents for Ryan here.


He has multiple problems, half of his brain is missing, severe learning lifficulties and cannot walk. Contributions went towards his new trike which cost £3000.


A special mention to Carol de la Perrelle who made an incredibly generous donation of 1/12th of the total Hannah raised, thank you!


Thank you to everyone who donated and helped Ryan and his family, it is hugely appreciated.

Greena Click here

Shentie Fun Video

Mohamed Sali2 Piers WMO

Huge congratulations to 3 of our students who competed at the World Martial Arts Organisation, European Championships in Rugby on 6th June


Piers Cramp WMO European Individual Kata Champion


Hannah Mercer WMO European Individual Kata Champion and Team Kata Champion.


Joshua Han WMO European Team Kata Champion and Individual Silver Medalist.


All 3 have qualified for the World Championships being held in Spain in October


Well done to all 3

Poppy Shentie bear 3

Due to the excellent effort that Poppy Gregory-Wren has put into her Shentie training she took home with her our Shentie Bear and decided to create a poster of Shentie Bear doing his Shentie moves.

Some of our students and Instructors who attended the Bo Staff Event 

Bo staff 2a Bo staff 1a Kalan 1

Kalan Malhotra receiving his 'Student of the Year'

trophy award

Rijul Das and his 'Fighter of the Day' trophy award


I am writing to thank you again for the award I received.

Just a huge thank you to you and all of the other instructors for the work you have all dedicated to the development of all students in the club.

I honestly feel like the elite classes have taught me how to aspire to be better than you could imagine yourself to be. I know there is still much work to be put in.


I really didn’t expect me to get this at all, and I know that it is especially difficult for myself to receive one, which is understandable, but the fact that I have illustrates that hard work and dedication does pay off!!


Thank you again!


Piers Cramp receiving a Jack Petchey award from Twickenham MP Tanya Mathias – See 'NEWS' page

Piers Hannah and Piers (2) Simona Lali 1

Simona Lali proudly displaying her Gold star awarded to her for being 'Student of the Month'

shentie award

 Anisha Nareydoo presenting her Gold star awarded by Master Lee

Congratulation to Mohammed Salih who won the world Kata championship in Germany

Sami Abbas - Valencia Spain 1

Sami Abbas taking time to practise his Shentie skills on the Valencia beach in Spain

Hanna Dragon 1

Hannah's drawing of Master Lee fighting a Dragon



Blue cuta

Welcome to our

Notice Board



After having previously won the British and European titles, we are thrilled to announce that Piers Cramp has today won the WMO World Kata Championships in Spain.


Also congratulations to Hannah Mercer who qualified in 3rd place at the WMO Karate championships in Bulgaria


I am sure you will all join us in congratulating both Hannah & Piers with this amazing achievement


Click here to see some photos

Click here to see some photos of the Grading held 29th October.  Please email Shentie with your own photos to go on the grading page

A strange student joined the class on Halloween !!!!!

rijus 1





Click here to see results & photos of the JSKA & WMO event that took place 4th & 5th February

Halloween a Piers G Force Piers_GForce

Congratulations to Piers Cramp for coming 2nd in the 13 to 17 year old Brown & Black Belt Kata division in the  G Force Open competition in Rugby

Please 'click here' to see photos and the results of the

SKC Anglian (Regional) Competition on 6th May and the

KWF Nationals on the 7th May

WMO Euro Champiosnhips

14th May


Please check our NEWS page for information on


                 2 New classes

                         and info soon on


Internal Tournament

30th September


Grading - 11th November

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