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Richard - Senior Instructor

Richard is a senior Instructor and started combat training in western boxing at the age of 10. He then moved on to full contact Freestyle Kickboxing at 18.


Richard now specialises in personal protection and over the years has trained with Top Police instructors.


Richard is S.I.A. trained & licensed, as well as BIPDT accredited. He also holds an NVQ in training and development and is M.O.D cleared  


Richard oversees Shentie's Security section which can supply close protection officers and security teams for events, as well as dog handling teams  


Richard has also appeared on TV and in films, the latest being the blockbuster film ‘Batman, The Dark Knight' he has also been in the Bill and is currently involved in a  coming program for the Discovery channel


When Richard is free he will also Judge at our Tournaments and Gradings


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