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 Hi every one,

I just want to say thank you to all of the friends I made here at Shentie.


Also to all of the excellent instructors they really helped me to become an excellent student I hope that I will become as good as them one day!

once again thanks,



age 10

 i just wanted to thank the instructors because i was really nervous and shy before i started training at shentie freestyle martial arts and was gettin bullied. but now after a few weeks i noticed a really big boost in my confidence.THANK YOU!!!


Eleanor Barr Age 11

Martial Arts is about protecting yourself using your hands and your feet.  There are different types of martial arts such as Tae Kwan do, Kendo Judo, Kung Fu and Karate


Tania Pannu

Age 6

I would like to thank all of the instructors for helping me boost my confidence and for all the time they used up for teaching Martial Arts and helping get the rough patches in my life. I have made a lot of friends and Martial Arts and I just want to say thank-you.


Hareeka  - Age 14

Id like to say a MASSIVE thankyou to ALL the instructors for helping me get this far as I am now a Junior Black Belt!!


Its all thanks to you that I am where I am today, without your encouragement I didn't think I would get this far.


As you said, my journey has only just begun... It will be the most joyful and longest journey I will ever take. Thankyou :) xxHumaira x

I have learnt to do at kick boxing        

Axe kick                  Half step fore fist strike

Front kick                Reverse punch

Back kick                 Upper cut

Side Kick                  Left punch

Roundhouse  Kick    Right punch


I think kick boxing is good for your muscles, good exercise and good fun.


Harvey Thompson age 10

Martial Arts has/is lots of disciplines, teaches you how to defend yourself, self control, you sometimes need equipment.


There is different moves taught.  Also there’s different styles such as:

Kung Fu




Kalan Malhotra Age 10 – Brown Belt

Black belt web

Dear Lee and Raj


thank you for helping me through my gradings and training. Thanks for keeping me intrested after I was contemplaiting on leaving martial arts at the start of the yesr. That was until I found Shentie Mixed Martial Arts. Shentie has made me feel much more confident.


Lots of thanks  Amrhik Sahota

This is from Bobby Cooper age 7


1] I like Shentie because it keeps you fit while you are having fun


2] Shentie has also helped me with my confidence


3] My family enjoy watching me


4] at Shentie I have learned discipline by listening and following instructions

Things I like about Shentie


*  You meet new people


*  Make new friends


*  Learn lots


*  People are nice


*  Mixed martial arts not just karate


*  Raj!!!


From Nikita Shah