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Jaujar - Instructor

I have never been a very sporty person, I wasn’t in any of my school teams and tended to put more emphasis on the academic side of school. At the age of 10 I began practising another martial art, but I found that the lessons were boring and felt like… well work. I was looking for a hobby, something that I could enjoy. I went to classes for about a year, but had not achieved much. Eventually I realised that I was not enjoying myself and left.


At the age of 14 my elder brother told me of a new class which he described as better than and more fun than my previous experience. At first I was sceptical as I thought of all martial arts classes to be a place to go when you want to get shouted at. Eventually I obliged and went to Lee Adam’s class, Shentie Freestyle Martial Arts.


At first I did not try very hard, plus I was fairly unhealthy due to the lack of activity in my life, so compared to the rest of the class I wasn’t very good. At this point I was feeling very unmotivated, but Lee helped me, he pushed me and made me do better, but yet at the same time was really friendly and fun.


All of the other students in the class were great too; I ended up having a great time and was actually looking forward to the next class. This was exactly the type of hobby I was looking for, something in which I could have fun whilst doing activities. I have been kickboxing for 7 years and have grown a lot, not only inside the class, but outside also.


I really do enjoy Shentie, and would recommend anyone should come and give it a go, so they can realise for themselves how good it really is.


Alongside my role as a Instructor I am currently in my 2nd year at a London University studying to become a Doctor.



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