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About Us

Master Lee, the founder, has been studying martial arts for 35 years and has built up an extensive knowledge within all of the styles. On his journey he has achieved numerous black belts and Master status in different styles.  Shentie combines both soft and hard techniques so can offer a complete system that is usable to all practitioners.


Over the years, Master Lee has been asked what is the best fighting system, he believes that there are many sport and show type martial arts and also good clubs with bad instructors and good instructors with bad clubs.  It is very difficult to find a club that offers both good instructors and good club so Shentie has developed a solid system with good instructors that can meet the needs of an individual’s requirement but at the same time be firmly remaining part of the team.


We offer a mixed martial arts system including the following:-


• Beginners and Advanced classes

• Kids Classes

• Ladies only classes

• Self Defence

• 6 Steps to Self Defence (Kids)

• Street Awareness

• Anti Bullying Programme

• Grading Syllabus

• Merit Badge System

• Fight Factory

• Tournament Preparation (stand up & cage)

• Internal & External Tournaments

• Instructors Courses

• Weapons Defence

• Firearms Training

• One to One Classes

• Ladies classes    (click here for more info)

• Kids 'Little Dragon' Programme    (click here for more info)


Shentie is a friendly but motivated club.  We have quite a  varied social calendar enabling students to mix and  socialise, these events include taking over a 100 of our ‘Little Dragons’ to see Kung Fu Panda 2 and Karate Kid and for our other students wishing to attend we offer bi-monthly evenings out to a local restaurants or the cinema etc as well as our Xmas party and other functions.




The Shentie UK Foundation actively supports numerous charities as well as offering scholarships for children/adults with low income.  If you would like to find out more about our Shentie UK Foundation please contact the Club Secretary on


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