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Shentie Martial Arts Academy was developed by Master Lee, an unbeaten martial arts champion who has fought 42 times within various tournaments. Master Lee has been training in Martial Arts since 1982 and holds numerous black belts in different styles of martial arts.


In Chinese, Shentie means unrestricted. It can also be interpreted to mean open minded and in the context of martial arts, is used to mean freestyle.


Shentie Martial Arts Academy is unique in all aspects; the instructors have black belts in Kung Fu, Kickboxing,Tae Kwon Do, Wu Shu Kwan, Muay Thai, Jujitsu, Boxing and Karate. All these martial arts combine to create Shentie.


Shentie Martial Arts Academy has been running successfully for over thirty years and continues to be a leading force within the Martial Arts community.


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